Smart Home

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This page will contain information about my steps towards an intelligent home, or rather a more automated home.

So far the project is limited to some temperature and humidity monitoring. Temperatures are measured every 5 minutes outdoor, in the laundry room, kitchen, on the attic and inside the foundation, humidity is monitored in the bathroom and laundry. The humidity values are used for controlling two exhaust fans. The system is based on Dallas Semiconductors 1-Wire bus to which a number of DS18S20 sensors are connected. The 1-wire network is connected to a Compaq Deskpro 2000 with Debian Linux via a DS9097U-009. Data is collected via Brian Lanes Digitemp software and is stored in a RRD-database. RRD is also used to create the graphs below.

All graphs are updated every 5 minutes.